Estate Planning

Hofer & Harris can provide you with expert counsel and assistance in building your own, customized estate plan.  We can walk you through each phase of the planning steps, including identifying your assets and liabilities, analyzing the relevant issues (i.e., family dynamics, tax consequences, the best way to transfer types of assets, picking a suitable fiduciary), assist you in coming to informed decisions, then assist you with putting your plan into effect.

Foundational estate planning in California often involves the creation of a revocable, living trust for probate avoidance, a pour-over will, a property agreement (for spouses or joint owners of a property or business), powers of attorney, and other related documents. Planning for minor children or young adults often involves nomination of proposed guardians, setting up protective and incentive-based trusts, protective solutions for retirement plans (pre-tax assets), and counsel regarding writing effective letters of instructions to the guardian and successor trustee.

Because of our experience on the planning, incapacity and post-death estate settlement phases, we know what type of planning works best on a practical level.